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Just spreading the word, little peeps.
This my most recent purchase from a Welsh artist by the name of Kerry Darlington. Her talents are more beautiful when not seen through a computer screen but are stunning none the less. Every piece she makes is abundant in colour and imagination and she has delved of recent into the land of fairy tales and children’s stories (differing from landscapes and other inspirations). I now have two pieces by her (the first of which is ‘A Happy Unbirthday’ inspired by Alice in Wonderland.) and this one, inspired by Peter Pan called ‘Come away, Come Away!’.
Kerry uses a vibrant style, bright colours and her work is eye-catching in the way that the resin she uses raises in texture over the surface of the piece and makes it appear somewhat three dimensional. In this piece for instance, the animals, cats and owls in among the houses below are raised, the moon is raised but the characters are not to draw attention to all the minute little details in the image. Kerry hand embellishes each of her pieces to ensure that no two are identical and the artwork themselves are glazed over which makes the images seem like glass, fragile and dreamlike.
I have so much respect for this artist and her ability to keep the inner child of a person bright with a mere glimpse of her work. When I first saw her work it took me a solid ten minutes to make the decision to purchase, and I have never once regretted it.
If you’re tempted to investigate might I suggest Google images? She has so many beautiful pieces…


Kylie: ”got my jewels”


Whole Wheat Cranberry Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies

s’mores cookie bars